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April is here and it is indeed the month of promise. Click below to see what you should be thinking about now.

April is indeed the month of promise.  The occasional sunny day lifts our spirits and we realise that winter will soon be over after all.  A busy time in the garden, as we try to get ahead of ourselves ready for the rush of activity that spring brings.

This is a great month to get new hardy perennials planted.  It gives them a chance to establish new root growth as the soil warms up and then they are ready to romp away when the warmer weather finally arrives.  Remember that frosts are still widespread, so keep any tender plants protected.

Lawns will be starting to grow now, so be prepared to cut when it looks like it needs it.  Get ready for weed treatments or hand weeding before they flower & set seed.  A little work now really does help prevent an infestation later.

Vegetable growing season hots up now too.  Many seeds can be sown under cover now and grown on and hardened off before final planting outside.  Get your crops planned and resist the temptation to sow enough seeds to feed the whole street!  Be realistic about the amount of space you have and what you will actually eat.    Get the greenhouse cleaned, compost or manure spread on beds and on fine days get down to some serious digging.  

Of course, if all of this sounds like too much to do, just give Green & Gorgeous a call and we can do it all for you! 

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