Green & Gorgeous tips of the month, looking or new ways to make your garden blossom all year round? Here you’ll find some of our bests tips for your garden.


August marks a turning point in the year. Some plants may look past their best, but there's no need to give up yet. There is lots more to come ….

In August, many early-season plants have grown themselves out and are looking past their best. Now is a good time to be ruthless to ensure a continuing display for the rest of the year. ‘Fluffy’ plants such as Alchemilla mollis, hardy geraniums and the Nepeta spp. (catmint) will have flowered by now and look decidedly untidy as they go over. Take the shears to them and cut them back really hard to the crowns of the plant. It may seem brutal but they will reward you with new, lush foliage and often a second flush of flowers later in the season. There are also many late-flowering perennials and shrubs that can be used to brighten up an area that has peaked earlier in the year. Echinacea, buddleja, sedum, phlox, ceanothus, agapanthus ….. The list goes on.

Many more exotic-looking species are now just coming into their own. Cannas, dahlias, hedychiums and bananas will all continue to put on gorgeous lush green leaves and the stunning flowers are still to come! Feed them well and wait for the fireworks!

Watering is key at this time of year. Pots and containers will need watering daily if the temperatures are high. Remember that rain rarely waters pots thoroughly, so it’s always worth checking the soil to see how dry it actually is. Flowering displays benefit from regularly feeding and deadheading, as do roses in the borders.

Keep on top of hedges this month as well. Yew, beech and lonicera will need a trim.

Remember, if you just want to enjoy the holiday season then just call Green & Gorgeous and we can do all of these jobs for you! Now there’s an idea ….

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